Tell me, is your brand authentic?

March 23, 2017

We hear a lot about personal branding, it is what we carry with us, a way of defining ourselves it is taking control of defining what we are about and what we offer to the market and in our careers. I am not talking about some sort of weird persona-not talking about a power suit. I'm talking about really being authentic to our own core values and branding ourselves from the inside out. Really focusing in on and accelerating our focus on –our way of defining ourselves and our values-so that...

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Work Options for the Boomer Generation

September 30, 2014

Work Options for the 50+ Generation
Are you considering working into your retirement years?  If so, this article has information for you!  Did you know that there are numerous unconventional ways to remain in the workforce?   Boomers have enormous experience and years of productivity ahead of them. We know that for some, work plays a very important role in providing a sense of meaning and purpose.  Mature employees may continue to contribute to their organizations by mentoring others and by...

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The 50+ Entrepreneurial

April 11, 2014

The 50+ Entrepreneurial

Boomers are fundamentally transforming retirement and as a group are almost 80 million strong and are quickly becoming a major entrepreneurial force. That's because as more and more baby boomers retire from their jobs, they're either immediately starting their own businesses-or coming out of retirement to launch their own ventures. In fact, according to the Labor Department, today's boomers (ages 42 to 60) and older entrepreneurs (60+) account for 54 percent of...

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Considering a Career Change?

February 23, 2014

Are you considering a career change? As you consider the options for alternate work, you may want to begin by asking yourself some questions—questions like why now?  What are the motivating factors causing me to consider changing careers at this time-- is the right time? Can I financially afford to make this career change right now and do I have a supportive network of family and friends? Am I willing to go back to school to get additional training if necessary, do I have realistic...

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